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Gabriella Manolache!

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Residents of District 3:

It is with a great sense of patriotism and responsibility that I seek your vote for Congress in the 2022 election as your U.S. Representative over District 3.

For almost 25 years, I lived among you in Kent County and learned values like hard work, love of country and gratitude for our many freedoms. These values were further strengthened during the years I lived in West Texas among dear friends. Although I am now one of 87+ members of a long-established and strong West Michigan family, in 1985, my father, mother, sister and I excitedly began a new life in the United States of America. President Reagan had the courage to stand up to the greatest superpower threat known to advanced civilization at the time-the Soviet Union-and offer sanctuary, hope, and a life of purpose to those struggling under the clutches of communism. Seven years after we arrived, we became proud United States Citizens and celebrated this new identity with a huge party. President Reagan took a chance on accepting vetted political refugees fleeing communism from behind the iron curtain into the United States, and West Michigan took a chance on me.

It is with hope of becoming your next representative that I lay out my vision for what I can offer and why I am running for this position. Like many friends and neighbors, our shared experiences in 2020 have shaken our foundations and beliefs to the core. Many of our establishments, in the form of medical, scientific, religious, political and judicial have let us down. Millions of us have also personally realized the power of big government-one that feeds off fear and division; one that can shut down private business without solid data or evidence-based facts; one that quickly restricts freedoms but acts three times as slow to give them back to their rightful owners. I am running on real issues that people can relate to-ones that have a direct affect on our lives and the lives of our children.

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As well-meaning as some of our state and federal representatives may be, what happened in 2020 was a failure of leadership and foresight. Too many were asleep at the wheel while chances were taken with our precious U.S. Constitution. I continue to believe, as I did in late 2020, that more should have been done to push back against the infringements that crept upon our sacred rights well before the U.S. Presidential election. It is up to us now to seat capable, determined and accountable leaders-representatives who actually represent the will of their constituents.

With 16 years of work experience behind me as a licensed Michigan attorney, I seek your support for a role in which I hope to make a lasting difference fighting just as hard for you as I have for countless others. In my almost 10 years of service to our country, I have been directly responsible for thousands of lives while proudly playing a part in helping solve some of our nation’s greatest challenges-challenges that we face every day in the form of intelligence supremacy, cybersecurity, machine learning and energy independence. My work has involved navigating complex administrative and legal hurdles, jumping through bureaucratic hoops of inefficiency, and being of service to those directly under my care knowing that their future lay in some part to my initiative and accountability. Some in Congress hone these skills once they get into office: few possess them before earning an elected seat.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website; I invite you to review my “Why Gabi” page for more details on issues I will fight for. We would also welcome the opportunity to have you volunteer with our campaign and invite us to backyard or neighborhood gatherings. Please be assured that your donations are deeply appreciated and will go toward helping my grassroots campaign thrive. Thank you again for your consideration. I look forward to meeting you all on the campaign trail! May God bless you and your families!

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